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Outdoor cooling

To make outdoor areas of hotels, cafés and restaurants pleasant and enjoyable by lowering ambient temperature by more than 10°C, the solution is provided by outdoor climatization with high pressure technology.

Natural Misting climatization systems are one of the most convenient strategies to implement in order to promote customer loyalty, acquire new customers and defeat competitors.

Among the main reasons why customers choose a specific venue, service and a pleasant and comfortable environment are paramount.


During the summer, exploiting outdoor areas such as gardens, patios, pools, decks or porches by lowering ambient temperature by 10°C means making customers happy.

Outdoor climatization is perceived as a professional service and a clear commitment to achieve guests’ well-being and satisfaction, thus becoming part of the overall experience.


Misting is nowadays the most effective and sustainable technology to cool air in outdoor areas at a low cost.

A NM outdoor climatization system is an investment which is repaid in a short time

Areas which would be hardly exploitable due to high temperatures become comfortable places.

Customers appreciate, turnover of tables and management costs are maximized.


Outdoor systems are equipped with a filtering station with a 10 micron sediment filter to purify water from the water supply and to preserve device parts.

Specific water conditions (too hard) could call for the addition of a softener to prevent the formation of limestone.


Natural Misting’s low and high pressure misting systems and filter stations outside the Italian national territory, are supplied in assembly kits.

The supply of the kit includes, in addition to the devices, all the components necessary for installation such as tubes, hydraulic fittings and nozzles.

Particular situations may require the customisation of the systems. Our technical service will study a suitable configuration.


Outdoor air-conditioning

NM outdoor climatization systems are professional devices, designed for intensive use.

The only requirement is to regularly check engine oil and replace the mechanical sediment filter.

They are connected to the drinking water supply and work with a high-pressure pump (from 70 to 100 bar) which pressurizes water and channels it to the supply pumps to which nozzles are fixed.

They produce a fine mist loaded with water droplets which by evaporating absorb heat from the air and create a cooling effect which lowers ambient temperature by more than 10°C.


Outdoor systems

The high-pressure misting system is connected to the water supply.
Water runs through a filtering station with activated carbons and a reverse osmosis membrane. At regular intervals a low-pressure pump pushes it in the pipe where nozzles are fixed. Water thus transformed into micro-drops disperses immediately creating a light and refreshing rain. Intervals of misting supply can be programmed.


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