Butchered meat and deli products naturally release humidity in the atmosphere and to preserve them it is necessary to refrigerate them..

In addition to natural weight loss there is also the collateral effect of refrigeration which, absorbing the humidity produced by products themselves causes further dehydration, changes their colors, makes them less appealing.

Customers rate cuts of meat and deli products according to their appearance.

This is why it is crucial that products displayed on refrigerated counters have a fresh, high-quality look. The refrigeration of counters or cold rooms dehydrates and oxidizes products which then look dry and tarnished.

Humidification systems create the right humidity rate inside the counter, reduce weight loss, prevent oxidization and don't facilitates the production the production of bacterial count.

Customized humidification systems for food preservation

NM systems are made to measure according to the customer’s needs and can be adapted to any new or existing layout.


Keeping a high level of relative humidity inside the counter or the cold room , means reducing the weight loss by approximately 3% and increasing product shelf-life.

Mist increases relative ambient air humidity which spreads homogeneously on products limiting physiological drying.

They preserve marketability and a fresh and healthy appearance.


In the traditional meat department, humidification systems make it possible to preserve a moderate and homogeneous temperature, cuts remain clean and fresh for a longer time. Reduction of weight loss and appealing appearance increase product sales and profits.

They build customer loyalty as customers perceive the high quality of displayed products.

The humidification system works 24/7.

Meat and deli products can be left in counters, provided that they are adequately protected, also at night.

The natural cooling effect produced by humidification contributes to save power.


A more correct and longer-lasting preservation of meat and deli products – also in the customer’s fridge – contributes to reduce food waste.

By making the sales of unpackaged products easier, humidification systems significantly contribute to the reduction of use of packaging materials.


Improved product sales and reducing waste

To ensure efficiency and hygiene i sistemi di humidification and misting systems are equipped with a mechanical filtering station and with a reverse osmosis membrane.

A regular and periodical basic maintenance consisting in the replacement of consumable components is required.

Natural Misting Settore carni Igiene


Technical support and maintenance

Natural Misting’s low and high pressure misting systems and filter stations outside the Italian national territory, are supplied in assembly kits.

The supply of the kit includes, in addition to the devices, all the components necessary for installation such as tubes, hydraulic fittings and nozzles.

Particular situations may require the customisation of the systems. Our technical service will study a suitable configuration.

Natura Misting Settore Carno Assistenza


Misting and humidification
reduce the temperature of the air surrounding products. System can be adjusted by staff according to the preferred humidity level.

NM systems are customized according to the customer’s needs and can adapt to any set-up..


The ultrasonic humidification system is connected to the water supply. Water runs through a filtering station with activated carbons and a reverse osmosis membrane. Collected in an expansion tank it is channeled in a tank where vibrating transducers atomize it into micro drops of less than 5 microns. The production of mist is continuous, and staff can regulate the exit speed from nozzles.


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