Wine-making processes can last years and enable wine to develop the organoleptic properties which will make it special.

During ageing, wooden barrels and barriques leave their mark, the distinctive feature of the final product.

While ageing in barrels, part of the content evaporates through the wood which, being an hygroscopic material, tends to release humidity inside-out. Also while refining in bottles, wine evaporates through the corks.

Thus, control of the thermo-hygrometric conditions of premises is one of the essential factors in order to obtain from each barrique a product with homogeneous properties and to limit evaporation.


Customized humidification systems for the wine industry

Depending on the typology of wine, temperature and hygrometric rate vary.

The correct mixture of these two factors provides the wine with quality and gives it a better structure.

Atomized or nebulized water inside the premises humidifies air bringing it to a saturation of approximately 75-80%, absorbs heat lowering ambient temperature.


Improved wine quality and increased productivity

Making it possible to repeat productive processes is a frontier in the wine industry. At present control is based on environmental factors and on the winemaker’s expertise.

Humidification systems, by automatically regulating the thermal and hygrometric conditions of the premises improve quality and enhance productivity.


Technical support and maintenance

To ensure efficiency and hygiene, humidification and misting systems are equipped with a mechanical filtering station and with a reverse osmosis membrane.

A regular and periodical basic maintenance consisting in the replacement of consumable components is required.

Natural Misting Settore Cantine Vinicole Igiene


Natural Misting’s low and high pressure misting systems and filter stations outside the Italian national territory, are supplied in assembly kits.

The supply of the kit includes, in addition to the devices, all the components necessary for installation such as tubes, hydraulic fittings and nozzles.

Particular situations may require the customisation of the systems. Our technical service will study a suitable configuration.

Natural Misting Settore Cantine Vinicole Assitenza


Misting and humidification reduce the temperature of the air. System can be adjusted by staff according to the preferred humidity level.

NM systems arecustomized according to the customer’s needs and can adapt to any set-up.


The ultrasonic humidification system is connected to the water supply. Water runs through a filtering station with activated carbons and a reverse osmosis membrane. Collected in an expansion tank it is channeled in a tank where vibrating transducers atomize it into micro drops of less than 5 micron. The production of mist is continuous, and staff can regulate the exit speed from nozzles.


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