De-Icing is a fully automated system designed to melt the ice bed on the fish counter. At the end of the day, without the need of staff intervention, the device supplies a hot water rain coming from above which melts ice and washes the counter leaving it ready for the day after.

De-Icing can be installed alone or combined with high or low pressure misting and humidification systems for the fish and seafood business.

It can be connected to the hot water of refrigerating circuits, to a specific heater and to cold water coming from the water supply.

To preserve a consistent temperature of 35°C, water is mixed with an automatic controller before running through a filtering station.

Afterwards, water is channeled by a pump to the supply bars and to the nozzles which produce a thick rain which melts the ice.


The device’s carter is made of stainless steel.

Inside, it hosts a high capacity pump which pushes water to the distribution pipes where the nozzles which atomize it are inserted.

De-Icing can be implemented with a dosing pump to carry out counter sanitization: after ice has melted, it sprays the counter bowl with a specific sanitizing product.

The nozzles are AISI 304 stainless steel, full cone and directional.


The device is regulated by a programmed PLC card.

Supply and pause times and amount of cycles are set in advance but it is always possible to modify them.

Cycle timing makes it possible to maximize water and electricity consumption thus producing economic and environmental benefits.


De-icing is designed to maximize water and electricity consumption.

In addition to enabling the heater to refill, pauses let ice melt naturally exploiting embedded heat


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Our systems are customized to best adapt to customer needs, provide the right humidity rate and improve economics results with maximum management simplicity.


To maintain humidity in fish counters or cold rooms.


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