We have been the first company in Italy to install misting and humidification systems for fresh products.

Commitment, research, innovation and design have been part of our DNA ever since 2002.

Since then we have broadened our skills and experience; we have developed new technologies, nurturing the passion and professionalism with which we perform our job and accompany our customers day after day.

Our innovative spirit and the choice of our solutions are the result of a well-defined philosophy: as natural as air and water.

Over time our care for changes, trends and the desire to explore new venues has lead us to approach different markets. In addition to misting and humidification systems for fresh food products for which we consider ourselves Italy’s Top Quality company we have developed a range of professional misting systems for outdoor cooling.

Natural Misting Chi siamo Settore Outdoor

Thanks to the experience built over time and being aware of the importance of offering high-performance technologies and services, today we manufacture our high and low pressure devices, our filtering stations and automatic ice-melting systems ourselves.

Our products are the result of a mix of excellencies: innovation, high performance components, low energy consumption, professionalism and expertise. In short: made in Italy.

Natural Misting Chi siamo Assistenza

Our customer are Italy's main large retailers who constantly inspire us to improve.

Our staff is made of expert professionale and qualified technicians who know and satisfy the needs of each and every customer.

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