Humidification and misting systems are a high technology – albeit simple and economical – solution to integrate production lines and processes, maximize the hygrometric rate in cold rooms or warehouses and make comfortable indoor and outdoor environments designed for people or animals.

Cold rooms
Food processing
Dust abatement
Cooling or humidification of venues and leisure areas
Sanitization of premises
Cooling of stables

NM systems are flexible, fully automated and manufactured with high-quality made in Italy components.

Customized solutions for long-term performance

We design made to measure solutions that ensure performance, long life and low management costs.

Kits that can be assembled autonomously or installed nationwide by our team of expert technicians are available.

They use drinkable water which is further purified with a mechanical filtering station and a reverse osmosis membrane to preserve components and supply clean water.


They keep insects away without the use of pesticides limit bad smells without chemical products and maximize consumption of water and electricity.


Technical support and maintenance

Natural Misting’s low and high pressure misting systems and filter stations outside the Italian national territory, are supplied in assembly kits.

The supply of the kit includes, in addition to the devices, all the components necessary for installation such as tubes, hydraulic fittings and nozzles.

Particular situations may require the customisation of the systems. Our technical service will study a suitable configuration.

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Regulation of the misting and humidification system

Misting and humidification lower the ambient air temperature.

NM systems are customized according to the customer’s needs and can adapt to any set-up.


The high-pressure misting system is connected to the water supply.
Water runs through a filtering station with activated carbons and a reverse osmosis membrane. At regular intervals a low-pressure pump pushes it in the pipe where nozzles are fixed. Water thus transformed into micro-drops disperses immediately creating a light and refreshing rain. Intervals of misting supply can be programmed.


The ultrasonic humidification system is connected to the water supply. Water runs through a filtering station with activated carbons and a reverse osmosis membrane. Collected in an expansion tank it is channeled in a tank where vibrating transducers atomize it into micro drops of less than 5 microns. The production of mist is continuous, and staff can regulate the exit speed from nozzles.

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